ECOSTE – A pioneer WPC brand of India with an unmatched aggression in developing the WPC sector in the country.

It was the year 2011 when India started observing the movements for wood polymer composites. It was the time when the country was understanding the full form of WPC, especially wood sector. There were a few entrepreneurs only, those visualised the potential of WPC products in the country of 1.3 billion population. At one side the Imports of wood and allied products from abroad were pushing precious forex out of the nation and another side self-initiative for forestation was lacking all around. Amongst these entrepreneurs Mr Ankur Hora started leading the nation with today’s popular brand known as ‘ECOSTE’.  

The company started with the production line of WPC panel making as an initiator. Soon company added WPC Door frame production line, followed by 3D PVC panel manufacturing. An exclusive business player in WPC products Ecoste’s efforts for WPC industry is remarkable. WPC NEWS salute them today for their untiring efforts, time spent and expenditures made for creating the micro level awareness of the overall concept in the country. They focused carpenters, architects, builders, interiors, contractors for educating and promoting the subject as the first line. They created a big sales force for reaching to the each and every corner of the country for a wide-spread in-depth awareness of wood polymer composite products. Company used India’s leading exhibition spaces in these many years for creating a mass awareness amongst the country.

With their grand efforts we recognize them in the category of ‘India’s top ranked WPC players’. They developed extensive educative videos explaining WPC product and their applications. Their captive furniture manufacturing facility helped them supplying many turnkey projects from the alma-mater of Ecoste. Their blogs, videos, promotional campaigns, educative seminars and many other efforts have really helped the entire industry in understanding and foraying for WPC products. Today WPC has become an Industry with more than 100 odd players. Mr Ankur Hora and their brainchild Ecoste have been a real contributor to the WPC Industry till date. For more details call Ecoste on +91-9555075075 or email to Visit