WPC Vs Wood panels

WPC as a Polymer with thermoplastic nature gives advantage of ‘Re-cycling’. Thus, we can save lot of natural resources. It gives other natural advantages of Moisture resistance and Termite resistance. Thus, it is being accepted as the ‘Life time Investment product’ by the Indian lower middle class.

Surface of WPVC is quite polished, even, grain less, non-porous, clean, calibration free which can be printed, painted and coated directly. It is a ‘ready to use product’ for total carcass applications. WPVC is the best product for ‘Joinery systems’ and it can be joined or sandwiched very fast with ‘PVC Solvent Cements/Cyanoacryalte’. This is the fastest technique played with WPVC boards for making of various product compositions.

Whether it’s a 35 to 100 mm thick solid structure or curvilinear chair/tripod or a master piece in children furniture, you can make it quickly possible with WPVC sheet and solvent cement. Density from 525 kg/cum to 650 kg/cum is the perfect fit for screwing and screw holding applications.

Actually it is similar to the plywood but furniture making time will be minutes instead of long hours. And final structure will be moisture proof, termite proof and may be with even ‘Buy back guarantee’ too!