WPC supports to the ecosystem. How?

  1. This is 100% recyclable material. As we are using Thermoplastic materials, all WPC can be recycled. We can reuse Virgin WPC repeatedly in 3 cycles. Thus against One Tonne of WPC, we can save 3 Tonnes of wood.
  2. It saves equivalent tonnage of wood. Usually wood has more than 50% moisture content in virgin/standing condition. So for making one tonne of dry usable wood we need Two tonnes of wood. Apart from that Round logs are cut to the usable shape and it creates a huge wastage. We use this west wood and agricultural residues for WPC product making.
  3. Wood logs to Wood panels (MDF/Particle/Plywood) uses huge quantity of water and energy. WPC board making doesn’t involve any consumption or wastage of water.
  4. For exterior we use recycle plastics as well from other resources. It is protecting the environment in a big way. More than equivalent quantity of wood/agro waste consumption also saves & help ecosystem from unnecessary carbon generation by their use as fuels.
  5. Entire process of making WPC is not damaging environment with any wastages/residues. No harmful chemicals or wastewater are coming out as extraction during the process. It is considered as a green manufacturing in some parts of the nation.
  6. This is a direct substitute of wood. Any substitute of natural resources are welcome in this era where whole world is worrying about Global warming.
  7. Everyone is just talking about planting trees and issues. But acting with one substitute of wood/Tree known as WPC is making a huge saving of virgin tree/forest cover.
  8. Today India is saving more than 13,00,000 trees per annum with Indian production of WPC. When we are talking in 2022 Christmas, more 20 production lines are being installed in India.

If we think Technically, WPC is absolutely as suitable and working substitute of natural wood in almost applications. We are forced to replace our old furniture by scraping them to waste or use as fuel. WPC gets recycled again. It’s life cycle in compared to conventional wooden furniture is much much longer in case of interiors.

WPC is a real substitute of natural wood, thus trees, thus forests.