WPC Door frames (Solid) – a product invented in India, for India.

It can be termed as the product invented in India. India has been using conventional solid wooden door frames for hundreds of years. A door frame that is popularly known as ‘Chaukhat (चौखट)’ is the base for hanging a door. Indian doors are used to be heavy in weight because of its making from solid wood. Taking from North to South and from East to West similar Chaukhats were in use.

In 2012 with an effort of developing replacement products from WPC HARDY SMITH and Plamadera from Ahmedabad, Gujarat worked for its design development with some Chinese Technology players. Initially Efforts went vanished but in second round we got success. We could design and make WPC solid door frame.

This was a new avtar of solid wooden door frame. It was working and totally working. It started penetrating the Indian market at grass route level. Indian construction companies (public & private sector both) started using this door frame made with polymer, wood and calcium. It was water proof and termite proof as well.

And today it has become a generic product being produced in more than 100 manufacturing lines in the country. These door frames are accepted by other countries in terms of design and countries like Turkey have started making this Indian designed Chaukhat today.

We are exporting these door frames as well.

25 Solid WPC Door frames can save one fully grown virgin tree.

Use WPC.
Save trees. Save earth.

A green initiative by HARDY SMITH 🇮🇳