WPC Modular Kitchen – A Hygenic setup for Homes

WPC MODULAR KITCHEN – A waterproof, termite proof, clean & hygienic set up for homes

Modular Kitchen – a necessity in today’s world for each and every homes. Well designed, engineered, customized and user friendly kitchens are made in modular format with conventional wood panels like MDF and Plywood. Most favoured panel for kitchen was water proof ply before WPC panels. Now WPC PVC panels are becoming the most favourable panel material, replacing wood, plywood and MDF.

Be it a carcass or shutter, WPC panels are used for both the applications vigorously. Indian system for ‘mopping with water’ leaves moisture in the atmosphere as well as on the furniture panels. This incurs into well-known problems of decay, fungus, delamination of HPL, bubbling, bending, de-layering etc in case of plywood.

WPC panels have a homogeneous structure throughout made with PVC polymer. Being a polymerised product, it doesn’t have tendency for moisture absorption, de-layering, termite attraction, fungus attraction, borer growth platform. These all are the prominent and promising characteristics for modular kitchen application.