WPC is brown always

WPVC board – it was brown actually. Now it is white as well as colorful too!


Poly vinyl chloride – is an instrumental material behind the making and formulating of wood polymer composites, in case of India. India is becoming popular destination for PVC based WPC. Country is witnessing a continuous growth with addition of new players regularly since last 4 years now. Indian exhibitions are adding stalls for WPC products now for new brands. A lot of activities are going on for this product and its promotion, carpenter meets, and architect meets etc at different levels are on. Product showcasing also is in action and you can find exclusive ‘WPC CENTRE’s in action.

WPVC board as a popular product is set for quality, supply and varieties. At inception wood PVC board was woody brown. Now it is available as WHITE PVC foam sheet. Recently it is being available in all the colors with beautiful surface luster. WPVC sheets can be available in different colors and can be applied to the end use without HPL or Paint. A few standard colors are Brown, Grey and Ivory. These boards are replacing MDF and Corian type materials in CNC designer panel applications. Apart from this Ivory and grey colored sheets are becoming fit for kitchen carcass and wardrobe carcass. For office furniture and partitions such colored sheets are replacing compact HPL. Toilet cubicles are also being made with this.

PVC is resistant to ignition. The temperature required to ignite rigid PVC is more than 150oC higher than that required to ignite wood. The high chlorine content of PVC polymer reduces its ignitability and also the heat it contributes to a fire. High concentrations of organic materials will increase flammability; high concentrations of inorganic materials will reduce it.

Ignition Temperatures for Various Materials (ASTM 1929)

Flash-Ignition (oC) Self-Ignition (oC)
Rigid PVC 390 450
Pine wood 240 260
Paper 230 230

PVC is the subject of formulation and you can customize your product to differentiate your entity. Having best insulation properties WPVC boards can reduce consumption of electricity almost 25%, as it doesn’t permit heating or cooling to pass through. WPVC ceiling panels are available now. WPC due to its fire properties as above catches attention of the government departments and many new projects are being done with WPC doors, door frames and partitions in customized colors. WPVC door frames and Doors can be made in any natural wood shade e.g. Pine yellow, Teak red, Wenge brown and many more. WPC Floors also can be made colorful in solid colors.