WPC & Density

m=mass means Weight
V=volume means Area (LxBXH) of the object

There are many discussions going over Density of WPC and it needs to be understood with the correct meaning.

Density calculation can be done as per the above formulae, in general. Now the point is ‘Density of WPC material should be decided and supplied based on its final application/end use. WPC boards being used in furniture making with 0.55 or 0.60 density are quite good. Because PVC WPC boards are used in furniture making with Screw & Solvent method only where solvent welds PVC materials. Screws also can be used with PVC grips, which will be weld with solvent (Cyanoacrylate) material and creates good grip between screw and WPC board.

As time goes and screw gets loosen sometime, you can take a tiny piece of PVC WPC material, weld it with Cyanoacrylate material and screw again at the same place! Maintenance of WPC material like this is very easy and user himself also can do it.

In the above discussion most important point is ‘Density’, where people are getting confused. Now with Screw & Solvent method we can make panel furniture, but with use of Solvent Welding also you can make Panel furniture without a Screw. This is a very important practice for the carpentry market. You all have seen a plumber fixing one PVC pipe to another PVC pipe – just with that solvent cement. Yes, the same phenomenon happens here with PVC WPC also. Don’t forget those pipes are hanging since many years from the terrace to the ground floor of an apartment. It means the worry of Density remains only with the panel furniture made with screw fixing.

Emphasizing clearly – if you want to make a small/medium size shoe rack then 0.45 Density board with solvent welding method is perfectly fine, no needs screw – so no worry of Density here. Wardrobe drawers, small storage units, bathroom vanity, small seating many furniture objects can be made with 0.45 Density & solvent welding only, as they don’t need any structural strength in it’s use.

Yes, in case of large size furniture e.g. Wardrobe, File rack, Kitchen cabinets need structural strength and here WPC material of 0.55-0.60 density should be used with screw & solvent method. Similarly WPC door frame is also best suitable beyond 0.80 density only.

More density means more technical strength, means more compression & tensile strength, means higher price also!

So now it is quite clear that the Density of WPC material should be decided based on the Application & Method of use. Customers and carpenter friends also should be informed/educated with this, so that 100% termite & water proof WPC material can be used more technically.

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