Global warming

Every rapid interval we hear the news of natural calamities all around the world!

Floods, land slides, volcanoes, higher temperatures without season, forest fires, melting of glaciers all around are becoming regular and frequent phenomenons now.
We all know the reason behind it as ‘Global Warming’. It means the overall Temperature of the earth is increasing because of reducing Green cover and heavy use of fuels & pollution thereof!

To sustain the human life on the earth we have to change our practices in using natural resources.

Trees, water and fuels need to be taken care while being in use. We have to massively control their use. We should start using substitute materials and practices.

We have to reduce cutting of trees and use wood alternatives. We have to control the use of water and not waste it at all. We have to reduce use of private vehicles and use public transports. We have to use solar energy and green materials at major.

We need to take it ethically and more responsibly. There is no technology available or to be available which can control natural calamities.

Children understand this. Let we elders do now!

Reduce. ReUse. Recycle. ReCreate.

A green initiative by HARDY SMITH.