Say No to Single use Plastics But Say…a big YES to Recyclable Plastics

Government is campaigning about ban of using single use plastics. Now it is important to understand for everyone that single use Plastics are majorly thin micron bags we use as carry bags. These bags can’t be effectively controlled for collecting and reusing them. It goes to the land and chocks up the water absorption of land, makes it polluted and non fertile as time goes. Similarly we hear about animals die because of such thin micron bags going to their stomachs. Thus such bags those are single use and polluting environment and earth should we ban. We as Polymer -Plastic fraternity support this 100%.

Recyclable plastics are boon
for environment and for mankind

Here everyone needs to understand that the all other types of plastic are a blessing for environment, earth and humans. They are directly replacing natural resources is N number of applications. These plastics are not harmful and in fact they are helpful for nature, environment, cleanliness, maintenance, longevity and so on…

Today, Medical industry cannot be imagined without Polymers. Food Industry, Sports, FMCG, Spectacle, Electricals, Electronics, Shoes, Textiles, Water, Hygiene…..cannot be imagined without Plastics.

We are leading WPC Industry since almost a decade now in the country and this product made with plastics has done miracles in construction, interior and architecture field. We are directly replacing natural wood by this materials and India must have saved more than 5,00,000 fully grown virgin trees by use of WPC! This is not a small figure. Apart, WPC can be at least recycled and reused for remaking WPC products again, almost 3 times! So this makes it to use almost 15,00,000 trees till date!

There are many such applications of plastics those are simply environmental friendly, no one can deny it.

Recyclable plastics are a blessing, increase use of it.

Save trees. Save earth.

A green initiative by HARDYPLAST.

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