National Convention on Plastic Recycling & Waste Management Technology, 2019

Theme- Recycling: Creating a Sustainable World

(Knowledge Partner: 21st Century Polymer)

Date: 11th October 2019

Venue: India Habitat Centre

About the conference:

Globally about 9% of all plastics ever produced has been recovered & recycled, leading to the current state of plastic waste/pollution. Clearly there is a huge scope business opportunity in recovering and recycling plastics. In India though recycling of plastics has been going on for a few decades now, most of this activity remains in the informal sector. There is huge scope for formalizing this sector and vastly improving both quality and capacity of recycling. A sustainable, plastic waste management programme lies on the ability to recover & recycle plastics profitably. Recycling is one of the most important actions available to reduce the impacts of plastic on the environment. It provides opportunities to reduce oil usage, carbon dioxide emissions and the quantities of waste requiring disposal.

Enabling and building a vibrant recycling industry segment is also a targeted objective of the government & one of the objectives of this convention is to enable a rich dialogue and idea exchange to cull out the hurdles, challenges and opportunities.

This conference will feature an informative and inspiring programme which will address the latest opportunities and challenges faced by the plastics recycling industry. With key industry figures in attendance and a number of eminent speakers, this is a must attend event for those looking to gain knowledge about the latest technology for post-consumer recycling.

We invite every person in the plastics value chain, to this convention, to promote greater collaboration and knowledge sharing along the entire value chain. Your presence would enable the plastics recycling industry to maximize the efforts to achieve green development for a new India.  You will also learn from the industry experts about the increasing recycling rates and producing better quality products.

Key highlights:

  • Eminent speakers from the plastics recycling, machinery, waste collection & segregation companies, ministry officials & other relevant industry doyens.
  • Sharing of success stories, innovations, technology updates & advancements, regulation issues, challenges.
  • Interaction with Government & Municipal Corporation Officials
  • Discussion with key speakers from the Plastic Recycling Industry
  • ~ 250-300 Industry Participants
  • Exhibition Space for Latest Recycling Technology
  • Quality Presentations by Eminent Industry Experts and Recyclers

Conference objectives:

  • Understand how key recycling projects are enabling collaboration along the entire value chain.
  • Discover how new technologies are increasing recycling rates and producing better quality products.
  • Learn and share best recycling practices.
  • To learn and understand the importance of new technology and value of recycling.
  • To network and tap business opportunities.
  • To sensitize entire value chain such as material providers, producers, converters, brand owners, recyclers and others.
  •  How to overcome challenges / complexities faced by the recycling industry / recyclers.

Who should attend?

  • Plastic processors and manufacturers
  • Industries working on plastics
  • Brands
  • Raw Material Manufactures & suppliers
  • Recycling Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Recyclers & Scrap Suppliers
  • Entrepreneurs in Recycling
  • Municipalities, Urban Development Local Bodies(UDB’s )/ Pollution Control Board (PCB)
  • Professors, Asst. Professors, Research Scholars Working on Recycling and Waste Management
  • Recycling Global experts
  • Environmental experts
  • Emerging Techies on Recycling
  • Plastic Waste management organizations
  • Researchers & Innovators

Why should you attend?

  • Expand your knowledge and learn beyond your field of interest
  • Discover successful and new applications, solutions and technologies that can be implemented across the Recycling and Waste Management Techniques
  • Network with key industry leaders and distinguished experts and peers from global organizations

Key topics:

  • Vision for Indian Plastic Recycling
  •  Opportunities in Recycling Sectors
  • Design for Recyclability (DfR)/ Design for Environment (DfE)
  • Advanced Recycling Technology
  • Challenges in Collection, Segregation of Plastic Waste
  • Resolving key barriers to Recycling Capacity Building & Improving
  • The plastic Recycling Industry & the Production of new Products
  • Solutions to Issues at every stage of the Supply Chain
  • Plastics Management solutions to India

Ways to get involved:


Register to attend the conference. Visit our website for registration details.


A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available at this conference to help promote your company’s products and services to highly targeted audience.


Make it easy to engage with the audience at this busy event with your own highly visible exhibition space. Bring your own display stand and / or banners and use the space to showcase your company’s products and services and make a lasting impact. The exhibition runs throughout the conference by the main meeting room and is host to the networking functions.

About us:

The All India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA) & was founded by Industry visionaries 75 years ago making it the oldest & the largest Apex Body of the Indian Plastic Industry. AIPMA is a member based organization and Membership includes various segments of plastics industry from 175 cities nationwide, such as polymer manufacturers, machinery manufacturers, processors, moulds & dies makers, traders, exporters, manufacturers, processors, moulds & consultants, institutions and many more. 90% of Membership of AIPMA is from MSME Sector. All India Plastics Association Forum comprising of over 90 Regional and small Plastics Associations of India work under umbrella of AIPMA to serve Plastics Industry and take initiatives to save and give required growth to the Industry.