How will India manage Carpenters, Masons & Technicians now?

Time is changing fast for India.

Carpentry & Masonry system is being revived with decreasing number of this community. Carpenter’s & Mason’s children are becoming architects and not carpenters. India is developing multi-fold and multi-facade and developments are now happening PAN India. Each and every state of the country is now blown with the wind of Infrastructure development.

Situation is quite positive, perfect, and opportunistic as a country. But availability of Labours and artisans is the fastest growing issue of today. Migration labour is returning to their states of native, as they are getting to earn there as well now. Their small farms are still producing grains for them and family, thus they are thinking of returning to their Work-city back now.

Yes, we are quite in the situation like other developed countries now. It is just a starting (but too fast) and we have to be cautious about this.

India has grabbed the PACE now for infrastructure growth and we can see towering buildings in almost all the cities now. Apartments, Villas, Farmhouses, Weekend Homes, Industrial estates, Office buildings, Commercial buildings, Malls and architectural marvels have come up from their footings. Parallel to that manufacturing sector is also booming and new factory buildings, shades and estates are also taking a big shape. Roads, Rails, Airports and Seaports are under massive expansions all around.

To compensate this demand, we will need three resources at its best:

1. Skilled Manpower
2. Smart Materials
3. Automation

We have to really engage our technical and training institutions for developing skilled manpower. We must create a very positive and strong environment to attract a big mass of youth to take interest in technical skills.

We must start use materials those are smart in manufacturing, smart in applications and environment friendly, reusable and maintenance free. These materials should be able to deliver finished products at the fastest possible pace.

We will have to start investing in the technology and automation, which can run will less people now. We all must start worry about the labour availability of present and near future.

This is a very sensitive issue now and cumulatively it needs attention and addressing by the industry, experts and government. We cannot just keep doing manufacturing and businesses, keeping eyes and ears closed anymore now. We may be stopped anytime without these resources. We will have demand and orders from Domestic and International markets, but we will not be able to deliver. And that is going to be the most sensitive situation as a country.

We have surely learnt IT & AI, but we have not learnt adoption of technology and automation at Small & Middle Industry level. These two segments have to be awakened now, rapidly considering the huge opportunities for the nation. 

It is the time now to update our instincts.

Hardik Panchal