FOMA Microspheres as an Expanding Agent in Wood Plastic Composites

It is a unique kind of Blowing Agent, Weight Reducer & Property Improver.

FOMA microspheres are microscopic spheres comprising a thermoplastic shell encapsulating a low boiling point liquid hydrocarbon. When heated to a temperature high enough to soften the thermoplastic shell, the increasing pressure of the hydrocarbon will cause the microspheres to expand. When the heat is removed microspheres remain in their new expanded form with gas entrapped in a closed and elastic cell structure.

Expansion of FOMA microspheres results in a dramatic decrease of the density. Typical values are from 1000 down to 30 kg/m³.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) can produce an article very similar to real wood. But by using FOMA Microspheres as a foaming agent it becomes possible to add many technical advantages to WPC. Importantly, Foma can be used with PVC, PE and PP based WPC production.

Unique advantages of FOMA Microspheres in WPC

– Low Density
– Better Surface Appearance
– Improved Dimensional Stability & Durability
– Cost Saving
– Better Water Resistance
– Improved ability to accept nails or screws

Such profiles can be extruded for use in residential flooring, in furniture components, decking and many other applications. FOMA Microspheres provide consistent, tight, uniform cell structure in the polymer matrix which is necessary to maintain the achieved densities and the mechanical properties.

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