WPC CNC Grills – A moderan material for preserving Heritage

WPC CNC GRILLS – A modern material for preserving heritage…

WPC can be routed with CNC and hand routing machines, just like conventional MDF and wood. Importantly it can be used without surface protection, paints or coatings. WPVC can be available in custom colors and it can help in making versatile creations for designers.

WPC can be grilled for the best artistic creations like following image. Here in image is a world famous heritage site of ‘Sidi Saiyad’s Mosque and popularly known as ‘Sidi Saiyad’s Jali’ from Ahmedabad. It is carved on WPC sheet without paint and applied with LED backlighting. Such many architectural and heritage derivations can be developed for interiors. Surely this will long last than wood or MDF as its moisture and termite proof.

You can work with 5 mm WPC single layer sheet for minor and major carvings, without any stability issue. 3 layer WPC sheets can be a better option for such a work. As WPC sheets can be made with lower and higher density architects can choose the right substrate based on the requirement on Grill work. 3D routing also can be efficiently done on higher thickness – higher density sheets. This can be done well on 28/30/35/40 mm sheets. There are unique applications of WPC Grill works in luxurious look outs of home, hotels, hospitals, temples, apartments, villas and farm houses.