WPC Boards for Modular Kitchens

Best practices witnessed in last years for modular kitchen manufacturing is with MDF or Plywood panels because of its engineered structure and dimensions. These panels are in practice to be used with mandatory laminations of HPL/Paint on front and back surfaces. This is not only for decoration but also to protect the wooden material from moisture and termite. For high end applications PU laminations are in practice. But the basic structure of the panel is still wood and cannot be considered 100% water proof or termite proof. WPC BOARDS a new generation panels derived technically from Polyvinyl chloride polymer and natural fibre (saw mill dust or agriculture fibre e.g. rice husk) composite. Globally it is termed as natural fibre polymer composite or wood polymer composite.

These panels are made with a vast thickness range from 5 mm to 40 mm. Furniture makers can ask for any odd or even thickness to us for the same. WPC BOARDS are available in different density range e.g. 500 kg/cum, 600 kg/cum, 700 kg/cum and 800 kg/cum. 700 kg/cum and 800 kg/cum is the best product from HARDYPLAST known as HYPER WPC boards. It carries higher wood contents for best screw holding and dimensional stability.

Apart WPC BOARDS are available in 3 layer variant for ready to fix applications in furniture like ‘WPC Prelam boards’. Made with co-extrusion technology 3 layer WPC Boards are having surface density of 1400 kg/cum and shore D hardness more than 85. Plain colour furniture requirements e.g. Hospital furniture can be completely made with 3 layer WPC boards in any colour. These panels are available in any colours based on MOQ.

Most upcoming application and markets for WPC boards are into Digital printing Panels for designer kitchen segment. Same format will become popular for office & home furniture, cabins, toilet cubicles, partitioning systems etc. for designer furniture. Complete interior can be conceptualised with WPC boards with digital printing technology. WPC boards can be directly printed with flat-bed printing technology with high resolution and long lasting UV ink based.

Thus a versatile water proof and termite proof WPC BOARD is ready to fit to your kitchen furniture requirement.