Wood polymer composite – A best alternative to natural resource ‘Wood’

Wood Polymer Composite

A best alternative to natural resource ‘Wood’
A smart material for the next generation

It has been 7 years recently to the inception of WPC sector in the country. Started with WPC sheets manufacturing, the sector today is making WPC Doors, WPC Door frames, PVC Laminates and Marbles, WPC flooring, WPC Decking, WPC Pergolas and so on. India has witnessed a new industry parallel to the conventional wood sector. A new whole Industry with more than 150 odd manufacturing lines making different kind of WPC products today. An Industry producing and promoting new generation material those save lot of trees in its daily operation.

Every 25 Door frames save one fully grown virgin tree and if considered the recycling of the same, it can save 3 fully grown virgin trees. Same is there with WPC Sheets and other products. This is a benchmark phenomenon for the country like India, where still no huge plantation drives are in action. Country is loosing it’s green cover and water levels are depleting day by day. Summers are becoming more and more scorching and weathers are changing their patterns.

USE of WPC is a responsible approach towards the mother earth, towards the next generation and towards the nation. It is a material which is simply replacing the use of Virgin trees/wood for furniture and allied products making. This material with several other technical properties can replace even Aluminium/other metals/Marble/Stone as well.

Manpower crisis in labour jobs is becoming a very much sensitive issue and in this case whole nation needs to be switched over to the alternative raw material. We have to use materials and products those are user friendly, takes less time in assembling and project completion. It is a time to use Smart materials like WPC.

An education and awareness drive is responsibly managed since last 8 years by HARDY SMITH. It is a green initiative of HARDY SMITH for promoting the sustainable material WPC, which can save lot of trees. We are trying to promote the maximum possible applications of WPC that can minimize the use of WOOD in all the aspects. We urge the entire nation to give their hands in promoting and using WPC as a next generation material.

USE WPC. Save trees. Save earth.