Scupltures & Murals from WPC Boards

WPC sheets can be used for architectural sculptures and murals. Previously we understood about the application of sheets for heritage design preservations. Moving further towards sculptures and murals architects can create unique formations from WPC boards because of its precision for CNC cutting. WPC boards carry outstanding properties for use if outdoor weather applications as shown in the picture.

Here it is a ‘Whale sculpture’ created by CEPT students of Ahmedabad from Co-extruded white sheets. There is no paint or surface protections used and this structure is placed at the shown premise since almost 4 years now. It has suffered 4 monsoons and 4 winters now. Importantly it has faced 4 scorching summers of Ahmedabad also that goes upto 50 Degree Celsius.

At times you can paint this also for adding more life, not immediately like wood but may be after several years. I would say this as a very important material for architectural creations those need to be made faster, economic, smarter and for long life also. Similar sculptures if designed for interiors, then what to say about its life….may be endless!