Premium WPC Door frames

A true product with less calcium contents

Door frame – popularly known as ‘Chaukat’ is an important product for the construction industry. Doors cannot be hung without it and it is becoming its place more stronger with its latest technology version made of ‘Solid Wood polymer composite’. To give an absolute hanging strength to the Door and protect it from termite attack is the main application of a Door frame.
Premium WPC Door frame is a high density higher wood content product that gives best screw holding to the Door. Fine surface finish of the material gives best paintability and east for direct hanging as well.

As informed earlier, meaning of Premium WPC frame relates to the less calcium carbonate contents used in the formulation. Density of the material can not be decided on the base of Calcium added but should be based on PVC used. Use of limited Calcium allows ‘Chaukat’ not to be unnecessarily heavy. It can holds screw well. WPC Door frame made by addition of more calcium becomes heavy in weight and which is sold in the name of ‘Heavy Density WPC Door frame‘. Such a product is prone to be cracked and broken in a shorter life span, as we are giving the structure more stone properties.

Premium WPC Solid Door frame is available in 3*2, 4*2, 4*2.5, 5*2.5 & 6*2.5 (Double rebate) sizes. This quality is quite popular amongst Architects and Builder brands. We are committed to supply fastest deliveries with the uniform and best the quality of WPC Door frames to the market.

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