History of WPC in India & role of HARDY SMITH.

When it comes to use for natural material floors till date ‘Natural Wood’ was the only option to consider. But use of Natural wood has been in the form of solid wood planks which was forcing virgin trees to be cut in volumes. Till date Billions of tonnes of Natural wood has been used by Construction conglomerates at the cost of Natural forests.

Today whole world is desperate for increasing the use of Sustainable Substitutes for Natural materials/resources. We know all the global movements for EVs, Solar, Wind, Hydrogen etc and its momentum today.

A spiritual thought in the same line was knocked to the mind of Mr Hardy Panchal during 2010 based on his versatile travels and assignments with Wood Industry. He was a Polymer technocrat and MBA from Gujarat University to be later known as the WPC Man of India. He decided to brought WPC (wood polymer composite) subject to India to make the country a ‘Hub for WPC manufacturing’. With his vision he really could do this in 2011 with the first WPC making unit confirmed under HARDY SMITH technology consultants.

HARDY SMITH evolved as a WPC Technology and Business consulting firm dedicated for developments of WPC products and markets in India. Since then WPC and India are marching strongly ahead. Today Public and Private sector companies are using WPC materials for their largescale projects. Whole game was started with WPC mother board manufacturing and since then a huge range of different products kept being added.

HARDY SMITH and Mr Hardy has been the most instrumental in developing newer products and applications for India and other countries. HARDYPLAST has been a product brand from the group. With strong business co-operations for technology and products in Gujarat, HARDYPLAST WPC is being produced at more than 12 manufacturing units.

WPC CENTRE by HARDY SMITH is a sincere effort for establishing showcase based franchise network exclusively for WPC products in India and Globally. This is a franchise chain being developed for promoting, showcasing and supplying largest number of WPC products from single stations.

WPC NEWS is a global networking platform for technology and markets for wood polymer composites, being operated by HARDY SMITH. It helps encouraging manufacturing, new players, newer applications, education for WPC materials and technology.

WPC is becoming an absolute substitute of natural wood in different forms like WPC Boards, Doors, Frames, Windows, Partitions, Floors, Wall panels, Pergolas, Furniture, Fencing, decorative grills etc. India has been the most instrumental in developing largest applications in the world and credit goes to HARDY SMITH as a dedicated WPC mother brand.

With that vision for developing this subject and application markets, Mr Hardy could facilitate the Industry at his best that has lead the nation to produce WPC in a noticeable volume today.

India is saving more than One Million Virgin trees every year.

Save trees. Save earth.

‘Reuse – Reduce – Recycle – Recreate’
A green initiative by HARDY SMITH, India.