GLUE/ADHESIVES FOR WPC – New product options emerging…

Over the past decade, WPC Material has carved a strong niche in the wood market. From furniture boards to flooring, WPC is fast emerging as a fast-growing product in all segments. The WPC product market, which has crossed Rs 3,000 crore in the Indian timber and panel market of around Rs 80,000 crore, has attracted everyone’s attention. Today, its portfolio includes all the top line wood industry brands of WPC products in India.

Now when any material is for panel furniture or joinery, glue becomes the most important raw material for it. Whether to join panel to panel or to apply decorative material to its surface, a good glue is essential. Today, whatever glue is available in the market for WPC, a description of them is given below, which will be useful for traders, carpenter friends and furniture units of this material.


HEATX of Fevicol (Pidilite) has been in use for this application since long. Recently another glue of Fevicol is also being tested in the market by the company, which is specifically for sticking PVC WPC with mica sheet.

At present, Astral company’s WPC FIX glue is also available in the market for fixing the mica on the WPC sheet.


Since last many years PVC laminate is a new product emerging which is suitable for decoration over plywood and WPC boards.

Astral company’s WPC Fix is ​​currently available in the market for bonding PVC laminate with plywood.

Fevicol’s HEATX is also in use for PVC laminate with WPC board. To apply HEATX, a thin layer of glue is drawn onto the surface of both the board and the laminate. It is necessary to keep this layer of glue evenly spread and thinly spread, otherwise there may be a bubble at that place by pulling the moisture in future. After drying for a while, the laminate is pressed over the board.

Apart from this, BENSON Polymer‘s glues are available in the market under POLYFIX brand, they can also be suitable for WPC to PVC Laminate, Mica and Wood.

Recently ALSTONE who is a leading Indian manufacturer of WPC products has also launched glue for WPC to Mica, PVC Laminate and Acrylic Laminate. It can be a good options for multiple substrates on WPC.


HARDYBOND brand quick fix glue is available in the market for joining WPC with WPC, which is a product of HARDYPLAST. The mechanical name of this adhesive is Cyanoacrylate. The material made of PVC does fast bonding with other materials. The use of HARDYBOND and screws for making furniture will provide strength.

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