Digital printing on PVC WPC Sheets

Digital printing on PVC WPC boards is just a unique – easiest process for high resolution printing over any substrate. PVC sheet doesn’t need any pre-treatment of surface while printing. You can just print it like a paper. Inkjet flatbed printers available in the market performs well for this value addition and prints really classic quality.

Be it a human image or a natural art piece, a modern art or an old memorable family image, a painter’s master piece or a children’s interest – you can print everything on this surface perfectly. MDF or Wood needs surface finishing and treatment, which PVC sheet doesn’t need. You can use Digiprint PVC foam sheets for Doors, wardrobe shutters, kitchen shutters, bookshelf shutters, wall decoration, office places and lot more. Further, applying a coat of PU or melamine for high gloss or mat finish can make your shutter or door a high quality and long lasting product for several years.

Digital printing on PVC foam sheet gives several smart creations for architects. You can imagine your ceiling with an image of birds flying in sky or dense garden with flowers or sky shining with stars and moon…just with digital printed PVC sheets. Try it!